3 Things to do before an Implementation.

Moving onto another platform or system can seem daunting at first. There are so many things to do and learn and how the heck do you keep it all straight? Well more


DreamForce, Gone But Not Forgotten

There are many things that can be said about DreamForce, a distant memory is not one of them!
Thanks to our customers, employees, partners and Salesforce personnel, we had our biggest more


Mvix had very unique requirements when looking for an ERP add on to our implementation. Finding and Implementing AscentERP has allowed Mvix to fully automate and centralize all of our entire sales, accounting, and fulfilment team processes and workflows. From the time a new lead is acquired to when an order is fulfilled from the warehouse; Ascent plays a key factor. AscentERP has enabled Mvix to create very detailed metric and KPI report data which has encouraged changes which have optimized internal processes throughout each business unit. Ascent was committed from day 1, to ensure Mvix was successful throughout our initial implementation and continued to do so at an exceptional level. Ascent is the back-bone of our business, and we would not have the same level of success without it!!
Ross McClymonds, MVIX USA
V.P. of Global Sales