7 reasons to Eliminate Silos and move to Single Source ERP

Companies in the small to medium sized business space tend to have several systems to manage their business. Often most businesses run their entire operations off of excel spreadsheets. Moving onto more


DreamForce, Gone But Not Forgotten

There are many things that can be said about DreamForce, a distant memory is not one of them!
Thanks to our customers, employees, partners and Salesforce personnel, we had our biggest more


I would like to formally thank Ascent for helping Bosma Enterprises achieve the dream that has become VisionForce. The idea for VisionForce was born three years ago while I attended Dreamforce. My idea was to have a business solution that would serve our entire organization and would be accessible to every employee who is blind or visually impaired. This was quite an undertaking and could never have been realized without help from Ascent. As with all projects, ours began with gaining an understanding of where we were and what problems we needed to solve. We analyzed our operations and our systems and found the following to be true: -We had 30 different pieces of software running our business - Every department used different tools in different combinations -The systems did not ‘talk’ to each other - The result was massive data silos (for example accounting and sales would have to spend hours on the phone every few weeks to do inventory valuation) - Many of the systems were not 508 compliant, and did not support JAWS (Jobs Access With Speech) From there we set out to solve the problems. We analyzed other CRM solutions, but ultimately chose because it is completely 508 compliant right out of the box. From there we enlisted the services of NexGen to design an end-to-end business solution that would be accessible to all of our employees.
Heather Quigley-Allen, Bosma Enterprises
Vice President of Marketing