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Update to Customer Communication

As a Salesforce administrator of an organization with users who have logged into Salesforce using Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) or 8 (IE8), we want more


DreamForce, Gone But Not Forgotten

There are many things that can be said about DreamForce, a distant memory is not one of them!
Thanks to our customers, employees, partners and Salesforce personnel, we had our biggest more


Pageflex 2014 Innovation Award: The Best Use of Pageflex Storefront with Salesforce

We are proud to announce that Racktime and URD Solutions have been awarded the Pageflex 2014 Innovation award!!!

Racktime and URD Solutions are both part of the Visie Groep.

Logistics from a Sales and Marketing point of view, that is the core of Racktime's Marketing Logistics department. We support our clients with warehousing and logistic services with the one and only goal to maximize return on investment. Racktime makes the difference through pro-active stock management, connection to online order platform and sharing our knowlegde on waste reduction.

URD Solutions received an Honorable Mention at the Pageflex 2014 Innovation Awards for the Best Use of Pageflex Storefront with Salesforce, by integrating Ascents warehouse management system into URD's print on demand platform, they deliver a combined solution dynamically synchronizing stock items on offer within a branded web portal.

We maximize the return of the marketing materials budget with this award winning full service platform for our clients.
Racktime, most innovative Pageflex Partner, Racktime