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The Weather Company, keeping us warm and dry!
Tuesday, January 7, 2014

All over the world…no matter where you are or what your nationality is, we all have a common obsession. It is a conversation piece to help break the ice. We have apps to keep us informed. All throughout the day, news channels repeat it every 10 minutes. Yes, I’m talking about the weather and no one does it better than The Weather Channel.

So why would AscentERP, a distribution and manufacturing company, blog about The Weather Channel. The Weather Channel has a sister company, The Weather Company. The Weather Company brings all that terrific weather data and reporting to unique businesses that require up to the millisecond weather forecasts.

Media companies are just one customer base supported by The Weather Company. Energy, aviation, insurance and the government all use The Weather Company service and equipment to have up to the millisecond weather updates.

AscentERP helps insure that The Weather Company assembles, ships, maintains, and repairs the essential hardware needed to keep various organizations safe and sound with up to the millisecond weather updates.

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