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Open New Opportunities with iOS
Thursday, August 15, 2019

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When it comes to simplified elegance and practicality, iOS continuously stuns users with its ease-of-use and unbeatable reputation. Although it currently serves popular industries such as logistics and retail, iOS’ closed ecosystem limits its usage since many leading manufacturers have made Android their OS of choice. Consequently, iOS is excluded from many new technological developments, or at least it was until now.

Ascent Solutions can now help you accommodate new cutting-edge printing technology into your iOS platform with little interference. Ascent Solutions provides both custom software solutions and enterprise hardware through the platform. Using Enterprise Browser Apps and Zebra’s ZQ600 mobile printers, Ascent Solutions delivers one full-functioning mobile printing system, integrating all the benefits of iOS into an open ecosystem backed by Zebra Technologies.

Cross the Bridge Between Two Worlds

ZQ630 Unboxing Shipment from Truck

Spending nearly $10.5 billion in research and development, Apple surpasses established manufacturers when it comes to investing in new ideas, such as durable enclosures. Moreover, it already is the preferred operating system of most young employees entering the workforce, driving Mac adaptation within various industries. With Zebra’s intuitive ZQ600 printers, learning curves decrease all the more as Ascent Solutions assists in developing seamless printing applications functional on your iOS device.

Powered by Link OS, ZQ600 mobile printers come with the mighty Software Development Kit, which gives users from any OS access to:
  • Print Touch – Complimentary Bluetooth pairing that boosts webpage launching.
  • Near Field Communication – Seamless communication between devices without data limitations.
  • Cloud Connect – Secure cloud connection accessible through any port.
  • Virtual Devices – Versatile programming support that integrates Zebra printers into existing legacy systems.
  • Remote Management – Run printers without switching applications from any admin console.
With Ascent Solutions’ Enterprise Browser Apps, you can create new functioning applications to enhance both your MFi (Made for iOS) hardware and additional non-Apple hardware, distributed through the Apple App Store without lengthy approval processes. Define your level of integration with Ascent to create solutions that fit your usage without unnecessarily changing your entire digital infrastructure.

Committed to innovation, Ascent Solutions gives clients the power to choose operating systems that benefit their company without missing out on new incompatible technology. Speak with our software experts today to create a cost-effective software solution that opens opportunities in any platform.

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