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Prepare for the Holiday Surge with Transparency Labels
Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Transparency Labels, Amazon, Ascent Solutions, Zebra Technologies, ZQ600, Zebra Certified consumables, GO Zebra Trade-In Program
Last year, the average customer spent nearly $1000 on holiday shopping. This year, retailers project an increase in holiday spending, with at least 53% of customers shopping online. Consequently, warehouses and distribution centers can expect an increased need for order management. Manufacturers will also need to be aware of the possibility of counterfeits.

In 2017, the Commission on Theft of Intellectual Property reported an economic loss of up to $1.2 trillion in counterfeited goods sold across the globe. To combat the counterfeit market, tech giants such as Amazon has revolutionized authenticity tracking with the all-new Transparency Label. Committed to efficient order fulfillment and customer satisfaction, Ascent Solutions has integrated transparency labels in the LabelAnything repertoire. Now is the time to equip your business with all the tools you need to ensure a profitable and safe holiday season. 

How do your customers know your products are real?

Introducing the first of its kind, Amazon’s transparency label. This form of labeling helps validate individual items with serialized codes so they can be tracked by distribution centers to ensure authenticity. Codes generally cost between 1 to 5 cents per item, and customers can later scan codes themselves to verify their purchase.
Transparency Labels, Amazon, Ascent Solutions, Zebra Technologies, ZQ600, Zebra Certified consumables, GO Zebra Trade-In Program
Now with LabelAnything and Zebra’s mobile printers, Ascent Solutions supports transparency labeling seamlessly into your current workflow. Optimize your labeling system with three of the latest developments in warehouse technology:
  • LabelAnything: Built straight into the Salesforce Cloud as its own application. LabelAnything creates transparency labels – and many other application requirements – from any device connected to the Salesforce platform. Create serialized transparency codes with just a click from your connected device and minimize counterfeit risks.
  • The Zebra’s ZQ600 is Zebra’s newest lightweight and rugged mobile printer. This new device expedites printing speed by delivering 4.5 inches per second. Plus, with Power Smart Print Technology, Zebra’s mobile printer remains functional throughout the longest shifts, thus giving your workforce more uptime throughout the busiest season of the year.
  • Zebra Certified Consumables: As they travel from coast to coast, printed labels must survive changing temperatures and harsh environments in order to preserve a product’s seal of authenticity. Zebra’s Certified labels are stringently tested for continuous functionality in your desired application and beyond.
To facilitate integration,  partners with Zebra Technologies in the GO Zebra Trade-In Program. Trade-in outdated technology from any manufacturer by December 31st, 2019 for cash rebates up to $550 towards your next upgrade.

Transparency Labels, Amazon, Ascent Solutions, Zebra Technologies, ZQ600, Zebra Certified consumables, GO Zebra Trade-In Program
As markets change, Ascent Solutions makes sure our clients are prepared to overcome challenges with tools designed for maximized productivity. To learn more about how you can enhance your business with transparency labels, speak with our labeling experts for an in-depth assessment of your current labeling system.

Learn more about Amazon’s transparency labels in our video:

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