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This Year, Ascent is Helping You Reach Your Enterprise Resolutions
Thursday, January 9, 2020

GO Zebra Trade-In Program, Recycling, E-Waste, Ascent Solutions, Zebra Technologies, Salesforce, Worker Mobility, Inventory Management
With the new year comes the chance for new resolutions, yet whatever your new objectives may be, accurate inventory management will always be an enterprise goal at the heart of every efficient supply chain. Teaming up with warehouses and distribution centers nationwide, Ascent Solutions has developed a legacy of empowering the workforce with affordable solutions designed to meet multiple needs with the combination of best-in-class software and hardware.

As a native Salesforce application, Ascent delivers end-to-end inventory visibility accessible through a cloud-based platform. However, we know complex operations requires more than efficient software. That’s why we are proud to reintroduce the GO Zebra Trade-In Program this year as the most affordable and useful gateway to versatile enterprise-grade technology. As a Zebra Premier Solutions Partner, Ascent Solutions combines the intuitive strength of a cloud-based interface into a highly dependable device that best fits your workflow, ultimately boosting inventory visibility, order accuracy, and workforce mobility.

How (and Why) it Works

GO Zebra Trade-In Program, Recycling, E-Waste, Ascent Solutions, Zebra Technologies, Salesforce, Worker Mobility, Inventory Management

In 2018, humans generated over 2 billion tons of e-waste worldwide, accounting for 70% of toxic waste ending up in landfills. As new technologies appear, more and more devices are disposed, yet unlike conventional waste, electronic waste contains valuable -and at times dangerous- elements. Simplifying e-waste disposal, Ascent helps upgrade your devices while securing maximum flexibility with compatible hardware designed for enterprise. Integrate versatility into your workforce when you choose a solution that:

  • Meets Budget Requirements – New devices continue to be compatible with Ascent’s platform while accommodating new upgrades. Plus, upgrades are eligible for cash rebates up to $550 per device.
  • Facilitates OS Migration – Zebra’s newest line of mobile computers already run on Android, and with the help of All Touch Terminal Emulation, you can convert green-screen apps into touch screen right out of the box.
  • Maximizes Worker Mobility – Instead of relying on several disparate devices, Ascent equips you with handheld computers that excel in data capture and connectivity. Enhance worker mobility with devices that secure more uptime with less bottlenecks and more accurate processing.
From now until December 31st, 2020, meet enterprise goals with the latest technology built to last as long as you need it to. Integrate Ascent’s platform into the next evolution of enterprise technology when you follow three simple steps:
  • Purchase your qualifying product
  • Submit your reclaim form within 90 days of invoice date
  • Trade in legacy devices from any manufacturer for cash rebates
To see which device best suits your workforce, contact Ascent Solutions for an in-depth assessment of your current workflow infrastructure.

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