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Generation Tux runs on AscentERP
Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Generation Tux runs on AscentERP

Overview: Dreamforce 2015 will be the official unveiling of George Zimmer's stealthy project that we have been working with his team on for about a year.  The new brand will be called Generation Tux(GTux)  and they chose AscentERP. This decision was taken with the intention to partner up with a vendor that would enable them to realize a key competitive advantage which was understood by the executive team at Gtux in running a tuxedo rental business.  Some key aspects that were expected to drive strategy within the Gtux operation were accuracy of delivery speed and strong audit capability throughout the garment life cycle process.  The complex nature of garment rental posed several challenges for a solution built natively on  We were asked to devise a method that would connect the front office e-commerce portal with the back office fulfillment area.  This expectation came with the understanding that they were in regular communication in real time when it comes to garment availability with  dependency on event dates.  AscentERP recommended that GTux consider RFID technology to arrive at an appropriate scale-able solution.  We are proud to say that after months of discovery, planning, and development, we have arrived at an innovative enterprise solution that not only meets the needs originally expressed by Gtux but exceeds them with a higher level of analytic depth and outstandingly efficient user interaction.  Generation Tux is the first business on the platform to integrate RFID back office functionality into the cloud via AscentERP.

Technical Synopsis: GTux engages customers through an e-commerce website.  The prospective customer gets a very content rich experience in mapping out their choices for garment preference.  This kicks off a multi level process that checks availability via AscentERP for the chosen garments.  If availability returns a negative response then internal back office functionality makes decisions on how to accommodate the customer as efficiently as possible.   Throughout these various processes, several RFID readers and stations are interacting to create the visibility of all garments and their attributes/pedigree into the cloud.  RFID technology has been integrated into the platform such that any user in the distribution center for GTux can perform a transaction within AscentERP and the website if fully able to access it and drive various workflows for customer care an e-commerce.  Each garment has been fitted with an RFID chip in a discrete manner in order to ensure aesthetic appeal and audit capability.  Thousands of garments can be moved and transacted upon easily due to the reliability and scalability of AscentERP's RFID interfaces. The simplest way to highlight the power of this capability is to imagine thousands of garments arriving at the receiving dock at any given time.  It would take warehouse users several hours to sift through the garments if they had to scan a barcode for each one but with RFID, they can simply put all the garments into the view of the reader and AscentERP handles the rest by leveraging the cloud.  This is innovation.  This is the future.  This is the power and knowledge of the AscentERP team.

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