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DreamForce, Gone But Not Forgotten
Monday, November 3, 2014

There are many things that can be said about DreamForce, a distant memory is not one of them!

Thanks to our customers, employees, partners and Salesforce personnel, we had our biggest and most productive DreamForce ever. We met and reconnected with many of our existing customers. We had detailed conversation with prospective new customers, two week later, we are still talking, demonstrating and working with many prospective new customers. Thank you, we appreciate your confidence.

We also reconnected and met many employees and industry analysts. AscentERP is no longer the best kept secret on the Appexchange. Our popularity and constant innovation have now earned us some long awaited recognition. Follow us at @AscentERP as we re-tweet analysts blogs and tweets.

As or our new innovations, we introduced and launched Ascent Rental on the Appexchange. Ascent Rentals is a 100% native application that allows companies that rent to manage their entire business on the cloud. We introduced our first Apple iTunes application that allows iPods, iPhone 5’s and iPad Mini’s when paired with a Honeywell Captuvo to perform real barcode scanning. No longer relying on the iOS camera, we have truly brought the worlds leading consumer device into the enterprise.

Finally, there is the Bosma Enterprise story. Working closely with Bosma, Indianapolis's largest employer of the blind and visually impaired, we created and rolled out the ability to operate the warehouse with voice commands! Using iPads, bluetooth barcode scanners and barcode label printers, Bosma’s entire warehouse and production operation are now managed with AscentERP.

Keep on eye on AscentERP, more great innovation and more great customer stories to come.

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