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Ascent’s Top 10 Reasons on Why You Should Manufacture in the Cloud!
Monday, May 23, 2011

1. No need for huge IT staff - software vendor deals with application problems…leaves more time for IT professionals to focus on other projects.

2. IT infrastructure expenses decreased - won’t have to purchase on-premise servers and any other hardware needed to run application…it all runs “in the cloud”.

3. Save tons of money on annual maintenance fees… just pay an annual subscription fee. Maintenance fees do NOT exist.

4. You will not need as many “niche” experts, i.e., database administrators, application experts, etc.

5. Save weeks of time for ordering and setting up hardware, getting software shipped and installed… you basically sign the contract and have your user licenses set up the same day!

6. Saves huge amounts of time for upgrades - you will NOT have to hire a consultant to help you implement any application or database upgrades and test before you “go live”… , i.e., Salesforce and Ascent test the software before they deliver it to your company. All product enhancements already tested…aka “bugs” already fixed.

7. No excuses for being “behind” on software versions… you will automatically receive the next upgrade seamlessly from your software vendor.

8. Software is extremely flexible and easily modified (changes can be made in minutes and hours vs. weeks and months!!

9. Over a thousand “cloud partners” to choose from if you have any unique business requirements outside of the Salesforce-Ascent environment.

10. Three Salesforce Global Data Centers with Disaster Recovery (going to four shortly) which will ensure your data is very secure in the cloud.

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