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RFID Strategy


Adoption of RFID into mainstream business processes is on the rise. The main drivers are better operational efficiency and profitability. Companies are more willing to adopt technology when their survival depends on it. The tried and proven technologies on which many companies are based could soon tangle them and constrain their competitiveness.

In parallel with this RFID adoption trend, technological advances with mobile, cloud, big data, sensor, software defined systems, and energy harvesting technologies, to name a few, are laying the foundation for a truly ubiquitous sensing environment that will truly change the way businesses see, manage, and execute their supply chains.

Market Challenges and Opportunities

Us, the consumers, are demanding more, faster and cheaper. As our entrenched brand loyalty lessens, our breadth of options expand, making us ever more likely to shift our preferences at a moment’s notice. This shift drives companies into a new uncertainty that challenges their traditional view of business and the markets that they serve while undermining their traditional systems, models, and planning tools.

Many companies will not be able to ever-adapt to this ever shifting market. Their systems, business models, and organizations just won’t cope and they will fold. Others will innovate and will survive. However they will still be partially tangled by their legacy systems until they are able to sell off or convert to newer, more relevant models, systems, and technology.

The timing of this wave of change, the one that will force some companies out of business and force others to innovate, depends largely on new entrants into the market as well as the specific industry. Consumers will gravitate towards the fresh and new experiences that new entrants will deliver. These companies have the opportunity to come on the scene with new and relevant everything and, they won’t be mired down by anything legacy.

Where do we fit in?

For well-funded new entrants and companies desiring to innovate, we can definitely provide a relevant business system that can scale and adapt. The main ingredients: cloud, rapid development, RFID. Neither new entrants nor those needing to innovate have time to waste. Losing opportunity due to SDLC delays is a non-starter. They expect to work with a company that can deliver incrementally and in short order.

Losing opportunity due to operational delays is another non-starter. They expect high throughput, accuracy, up-time and near time visibility into their goods as they flow through their operation.

What do we offer?

Our goal should be on high value flow for new entrants and companies readied to innovate.   From concept to operations, and from operations to business growth and expansion and ultimately cash. Our offer should be delivery of relevant business systems running in the cloud and supported by technologies that optimize business processes, thus reducing waste and increasing value to our clients, their customers, and their shareholders.


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