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AscentERP & Propel PLM: Digital Transformation
Posted By:  Shaun McInerney
Friday, August 18, 2017

Digital transformation initiatives have swept through retail, financial services and health care over the last few years. Industry experts now see the manufacturing industry going through similar challenges. So what’s a manufacturer supposed to do so they don’t get Uber-ized?

Rule #1: Focus on what your customers want and deliver the perfect product experience to each one of them. It’s not just designing a great product, or making it a pleasure to use, or creating a wonderful buying experience – it’s all of the above that will help your company succeed with digital transformation.

Rule #2: Use the cloud to make digital transformation much easier. Especially if your cloud technologies are all seamlessly integrated and focused on the customer.

So how do you do that?

Recently Shaun McInerney, President and Cofounder of AscentERP and Miguel Tam VP of Marketing Propel PLM had a joint presentation of There PLM and our ERP. Propel and AscentERP are applications both built natively on the Salesforce platform, which allows us to work together with Salesforce to deliver a seamless customer experience. Here’s an overview diagram of what a cloud PLM and cloud ERP solution do together with Salesforce’s cloud CRM.

As the only cloud PLM software built on the Salesforce platform, Propel can easily share the latest product updates with Ascent’s cloud ERP solution. Ascent can show sales people the latest inventory status during the sales process. Propel and Salesforce can work together to resolve customer issues super fast. Here’s one scenario from our webinar showing how Ascent, Propel and Salesforce work together to deliver new products to customers:After R&D designs the product in Propel, all the latest product information can easily be shared with Operations, who can then source and order the components with AscentERP. 

As Operations ramps up with Ascent, Salesforce helps sales and marketing create the right bundles and promotions, which Engineers can validate in Propel. Propel helps update any pricing or product changes instantly with Salesforce’s pricebooks and product catalogs. Ascent can then help coordinate shipments to all your sales channels by having the latest product and account information.That’s just one example of how AscentERP, Propel and Salesforce can help manufacturers deliver the perfect product to each customer – helping you succeed with your digital transformation. You can watch the full webinar here.I’ll soon share another example of how our three cloud applications work together to help manufacturers embrace digital transformation. Stay tuned!

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Inventory models for calculating reorder points and optimal order quantities have been in existence long before the dawn of software era. When the first affordable automobile, Ford Model T was rolled off the assembly line, manufacturers were already reaping the financial benefits of inventory management by determining the answers to ‘When to deliver?’ and ‘How many to deliver?’ However, it seems an irony today—in the days of advanced information technology—that many companies are still not taking advantage of these fundamental inventory models. Organizations tend to have several systems to manage their business and often run their entire operations on excel spreadsheets which make activities such as assets tracking, equipment scheduling, or documenting essential incident details, snowball into their biggest headaches. This is a challenge that was comprehended beforehand by AscentERP. Co-founded by industry veterans Michael Trent, CEO, Shaun McInerney, President, and Akbar Rafiuddin, CTO—who bring years of experience in manufacturing, sales, and technology space respectively—AscentERP came in as an assistance stick for manufacturers who were struggling to position their next level of growth. In the course of their initiative, AscentERP found a perturbing obstacle: the silos and boundaries created between the business and IT by the existing ERP tools within organizations.

Through its AscentERP application, the company today breaks down the communication barriers in an organization and gets everyone on the same page. With an aim to support a flexible, sustainable, and extensible mentality, and also the warehouse and production floor, AscentERP provides an environment of collaboration—creating greater enterprise responsiveness, agility, and speed. Organizations using AscentERP don’t have to configure their processes based on the tool, as the firm delivers a flexible solution which can adapt and evolve according to the business processes that are already in place. “With AscentERP, inventory management doesn’t have to be a time-consuming, complex process. Companies can save resources that can be utilized to innovate products in accordance with dynamic market requirements,” says Rafiuddin. Along with its collaborative and enterprise-responsive capabilities, AscentERP also provides advisory services that present organizations with better implementation of workflows and processes.

Powerful Inventory Management Application

AscentERP is a cloud-based application that allows clients to manage their manufacturing supply chain in a revolutionary way. It enables end-to-end inventory tracking, right from raw materials or outsourced components to finished products over multiple locations. The clients benefit from instant access to inventory numbers across warehouses, broken out into any variation, with any set of details to get products to customers before anyone else.



revival of our nation's core competency, manufacturing

Ascent is excited to exhibit at this years American Rental Association trade show.
Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA
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“We just recently implemented AscentERP as our enterprise solution for managing both B2C and B2B models. Our instance of AscentERP has a custom interface with Shopify (our e-commerce engine) and accumulates and records sales orders and fulfillment events seamlessly.”




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