Production Work Order

Ascent Production Work Order - The Flexibility to Support Any Operation

Ascent can operate in a make-to-order, assemble-to-order, ship-from-stock, or mix mode business model. The Ascent Production Work Order feature has the flexibility to support any operation. Production managers can use it to track labor and supply costs against manufacturing timelines to accurately report and analyze P and L. This feature optimizes production management with complete visibility and the synchronization of production data.

Here's how users benefit with the Ascent Production Work Order Object:

  1. Facilitate communication among key employees about production status or changes.
  2. Track and manage labor costs and production time.
  3. Establish component level traceability for asset tracking purposes.
  4. Set parameters for task and performance analyses.
  5. Streamline production floor efficiencies with handheld mobile devices.

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