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"Pageflex 2014 Innovation Award: The Best Use of Pageflex Storefront with Salesforce We are proud to announce that Racktime and URD Solutions have been awarded the Pageflex 2014 Innovation award!!! Racktime and URD Solutions are both part of the Visie Groep. Logistics from a Sales and Marketing point of view, that is the core of Racktime's Marketing Logistics department. We support our clients with warehousing and logistic services with the one and only goal to maximize return on investment. Racktime makes the difference through pro-active stock management, connection to online order platform and sharing our knowlegde on waste reduction. URD Solutions received an Honorable Mention at the Pageflex 2014 Innovation Awards for the Best Use of Pageflex Storefront with Salesforce, by integrating AscentERP's warehouse management system into URD's print on demand platform, they deliver a combined solution dynamically synchronizing stock items on offer within a branded web portal. We maximize the return of the marketing materials budget with this award winning full service platform for our clients."

Racktime, most innovative Pageflex Partner


"I would like to formally thank AscentERP for helping Bosma Enterprises achieve the dream that has become VisionForce. The idea for VisionForce was born three years ago while I attended Dreamforce. My idea was to have a business solution that would serve our entire organization and would be accessible to every employee who is blind or visually impaired. This was quite an undertaking and could never have been realized without help from AscentERP. As with all projects, ours began with gaining an understanding of where we were and what problems we needed to solve. We analyzed our operations and our systems and found the following to be true: -We had 30 different pieces of software running our business - Every department used different tools in different combinations -The systems did not "talk" to each other - The result was massive data silos (for example accounting and sales would have to spend hours on the phone every few weeks to do inventory valuation) - Many of the systems were not 508 compliant, and did not support JAWS (Jobs Access With Speech) From there we set out to solve the problems. We analyzed other CRM solutions, but ultimately chose because it is completely 508 compliant right out of the box. From there we enlisted the services of NexGen to design an end-to-end business solution that would be accessible to all of our employees."

Heather Quigley-Allen
Vice President of Marketing
Bosma Enterprises
  Bosma Enterprises


"Mvix had very unique requirements when looking for an ERP add on to our implementation. Finding and Implementing AscentERP has allowed Mvix to fully automate and centralize all of our entire sales, accounting, and fulfilment team processes and workflows. From the time a new lead is acquired to when an order is fulfilled from the warehouse; AscentERP plays a key factor. AscentERP has enabled Mvix to create very detailed metric and KPI report data which has encouraged changes which have optimized internal processes throughout each business unit. AscentERP was committed from day 1, to ensure Mvix was successful throughout our initial implementation and continued to do so at an exceptional level. AscentERP is the back-bone of our business, and we would not have the same level of success without it!!"

Ross McClymonds
V.P. of Global Sales

March 2014

"AscentERP allows for our sales team at The Weather Company to close a deal and seamlessly have the warehouse building the widget the same day. This out-of-the-box integration with SalesForce has better streamlined our process and decreased timing from sales to build to ship. With easy configuration and extension of the core AscentERP platform, the platform is flexible and is able to meet our many inventory business needs across multiple brands - The Weather Channel,, WSI and Intellicast. The overall partnership with the AscentERP team during implementation allowed us to get the most out of the product and helped us to realize the core benefits."

Nicholas Gardner
Senior Director of Internal Systems
The Weather Channel
  The Weather Company


"Source Support Services is a converged IT solutions company, specializing in the design, implementation, and support of global IT systems, within the Enterprise and Datacenter market-sectors. Our collaborative and nimble approach to client engagements creates an atmosphere of ownership and pride throughout our organization. Our experience enables us to protect and support our customers brand by deploying seamless, scalable, cost-effective solutions that result in outstanding service experiences. AscentERP has enabled Source Support to expand and service our logistics clients on a global scale. With AscentERP, we were able to get a comprehensive solution that could scale with our business."

Eric Grammer
VP of Operations
Source Support Services
  Source Support Services


"SolarAid believes in a world where everyone has access to clean, affordable energy. Our goal is to eradicate the kerosene lamp from Africa by 2020 and we're accomplishing this through our social enterprise, SunnyMoney - the largest distributor of high tech solar lamps in Africa. We're using AscentERP to achieve a robust and standardised inventory and sales order management system across our African locations. This will allow us to rapidly scale our operations, deepen our business reporting and radically improve customer interaction and service."

Daniel James Paterson
Systems and Supply Chain Manager
  Solar Aid

September 2013

"AscentERP prevents costly inventory mistakes - Pro-Stretch supplies thousands of trims/SKU's. AscentERP's real time inventory Management system accurately calculates inventory required thereby allowing us to operate under a JIT system - this is successfully operated and managed by our manufacturing plant in China. All history associated against any Item can be viewed during its lifetime by any authorized Account user anywhere in the world instantaneously. Thank you AscentERP for allowing me to sleep at night ! :)"

Christine Morgan
Pro-Stretch Holdings Ltd

June 2013

"D3O is a British based impact protection solutions company that markets a unique patented technology, which is used to produce a soft and flexible material with high shock absorbing properties. We develop impact protection solutions for our worldwide customer base across a range of markets from motorcycle to electronics, sports to footwear, as well as the military. AscentERP and Salesforce provides D3O with a complete view of the entire supply chain from demand planning / forecasting through real-time global inventory management and on to the execution of Sales Orders to our worldwide customer base. This enables D3O to maximise our Operations efficiency , thereby supporting the rapid growth of our Company."

Stephen Russell
Supply Chain Manager

May 2013

"AscentERP and Salesforce are enabling us to have full visibility on product availability and order status - in real time and anywhere in the World. This translates into better customer service, higher sales performance and ultimately a more valuable brand."

Caspar Coppetti

April 2013

"Chris Kenny, Vice President, Chambers Gasket commented, "We have successfully implemented AscentERP to achieve significant productivity gains in our back office and manufacturing functions. When combined with Salesforce CRM and FinancialForce we have a true ERP in our Salesforce environment with the ability to analyze performance from quote to invoice."

Chris Kenny
VP of Operation
Chambers Gasket
  Chambers Gasket

March 2013

“We are the worlds largest grower of Chia Seed and Chia products supplying consumer and business customers in over 35 countries. Being the only company that farms our Chia and sells it direct to consumers, we were struggling to find an inventory to payment system that would have the ability to track our end product right back to the paddock on the farm in which it was grown. The implementation of AscentERP, which is core to our integrated system approach has enabled us to develop a fully customizable, best practice system with low risk deployment, proven systems integration and scalability that has supported our rapid business growth.”

Teresa Aprile
The Chia Company
  The Chia Company

December 2012

"Our integration of AscentERP and was essential for Relyco Business Printing & Payment Solutions to not only continue to compete in a crowded market through better business efficiencies - but mature our e-processes at a rate expected by our customers who rely on us for real-time orders, order processing, invoicing and inventory. With our new integrations, (including our FinancialForce Cloud Accounting implementation), Relyco now has complete control of the past, present and future for our product items, inventory, product lots, sales quotes and orders (including releases to our warehouse), as well as incoming and outgoing purchase orders."

Mike Chambers
Operations/Customer Service Manager

November 2012


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Six Reasons AscentERP and Accounting Seed Make a Powerful Combination
Monday, May 8, 2017

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10 Hottest Sales Tools at dreamforce

From Dreamforce '15: Behavioral Analytics Are Transforming the B2B Sales Process

Billions of dollars have been poured into marketing automation technologies. Given the ability to deliver more relevant and timely information to customers with ease, marketing has gained enormous benefits.

Despite all the advances in marketing automation, however, sales teams have been stuck in the Dark Ages; working with dated technology to connect with a changed, modern-day buyer. But not anymore.

At Dreamforce ’15 in San Francisco this month, more than 150,000 attendees from 90+ countries got a glimpse of the future of sales, and that future is analytics.

Massive amounts of data harvested by robust and comprehensive analytics will supply insights that can transform sales processes. Powered by these rich and sophisticated analytics, advanced technologies will give organizations new insights to engage with and serve customers more effectively – from deeper insights that personalize the customer experience to improved sales forecasting, and modernized prospecting.

The latest Salesforce research shows that top organizations are already three and a half times more likely to use sales analytics.

“Over the last 10 years, the sales industry has witnessed a disruption. Due to the innovation of Internet cloud-based business transactions and an upsurge in sales technology development, the sales profession is in a state of rapid modernization.” James W. Phillips, Business Intelligence Analyst

Modern Sales Buyers Have Higher Expectations

B2B buyers have become “Amazonized.” They do their own online research, and leverage social channels and referrals, to find out everything they can before reaching out to a vendor. Yet, according to Accenture’s Yusuf Tayob in his Dreamforce session “Embracing Digital Disruption to Power Sales Growth,” this ‘non-stop customer’ still expects the best experience possible.

This requires personalization. Modern-day buyers want to deal with sales reps who understand them and their industry problems, and who know where they are in the buying process to give them the best experience.

Furthermore, they want vendors who respond ASAP to their needs. To allow modern buyers to “have it all” requires modern sales technology that includes automation and analytics. Tools that marketing has had for a while, but specifically built for sales.

Altered Buyers and Altered Processes Are Driving New Technologies

Automation and analytics tools are becoming available that change the playing field in sales. Sales acceleration tools, with their ability to deepen customer understanding to personalize the sales process, is one top category.“

Personalization: the Key to Stronger Customer Relationships

A 2015 Harris Poll study showed that an overwhelming majority of executive level buyers want more personalization in sales interactions, yet more than a third add that they rarely get any. Since 95% of respondents say they’d be more likely to respond to personalized outreach, sales organizations need to pay attention.

In addition, in recent research, Aberdeen Group reports that best-in-class companies that personalize content down to the sales rep level achieve up to a 36% higher conversion average and a 21% stronger lead acceptance rate.

New tools that deliver engagement analytics can unveil buyer interests and behaviors that empower sales teams to personalize their interactions. With analytics, teams can see how frequently a prospect engages with their content, and get profile data for recipients of forwarded information.

This can help you spot other stakeholders quickly. Also significant is the fact that these tools show when there isn’t interest, so teams can get to a “no” faster and turn their attention to more promising opportunities.

Speeding Up the Sales Process

Personalized outreach and deeper analytical insights ultimately mean an accelerated sales process that eliminates wasted resources and reduces customer acquisition costs. There’s still a lot of progress to be made when it comes to enhancing the sales process and engaging prospects more effectively, but it’s refreshing to see how much progress has been made in recent months.

10 of the Hottest Sales Tools at Dreamforce ’15

For sales teams, the most challenging facet of leveraging available technologies and solutions often involves sorting through the noise and identifying which tools are available. But there’s no doubt that prescriptive and behavioral analytics are key for best-in-class sales organizations to serve today’s non- stop customer.

Here are ten sales tools that deliver advanced analytics that made a particular splash at this year’s Dreamforce conference:

1. 6Sense

“Focus on customers who are ready to buy now, and keep tabs on the prospects making their way through the funnel.” That’s what 6Sense’s predictive intelligence technology does for sales teams. It essentially prioritizes contacts and helps reps understand where leads stand in the sales cycle.

2. AscentERP

With AscentERP, the days when sales reps had to call the warehouse to see if an item was available are over. This rich and insightful tool gives sales reps the visibility they need to manage customerinter actions with extra skill and enhance the end of the sales cycle.

3. Axiom

Axiom claims it can “take the guesswork out of sales” with its Integrated Selling Suite, which empowers sales teams to make educated selling decisions for better forecasting accuracy. The forecasting feature works by using real-time win probabilities that are calculated from advanced algorithms, and aligning that information with customer-specific data for highly accurate and dependable sales predictions.

4. Axtria

Over the past few years, Axtria has worked with a handful of Fortune 500 companies to transform the way they handle sales forecasting and predictions. Specifically, the firm helps clients leverage sales planning through its Axtria SalesIQ platform, which is a “comprehensive and tightly integrated framework that ensures that the same data, models and assumptions used to drive the strategic decisions permeate across tactical plans and operations.”

5. Birst

While CRM reports are helpful, Birst attempts to unify customer data, sales reports, revenue, and pipeline data into a consolidated forecast that enables sales teams to create more predictable revenue streams, based on everything from historical win rates to the “digital body language” of customers.

6. LiveHive

As the firm’s website suggests, “LiveHive uncovers ways to trim inefficiency and improve your team’s productivity, email effectiveness, and follow-up timeliness through automation and engagement analytics.” LiveHive’s power lies in its deep and comprehensive content engagement analytics.LiveHive lets sales leaders see how, and how often, reps are engaging to build best practices for the team, and reps get real-time alerts about how prospects interact with their emails and content, so they can prioritize them. With intelligent email sequencing and automated templates, LiveHive helps speed the buying process and allows teams to refine their sales models.

7. PeopleLinx

Using dozens of different data sources and insights, PeopleLinx’s predictive analytics technology recommends which actions salespeople ought to take, and at which time, in order to be most successful. Then it measures and reports on the success of the activity and tailors future actions accordingly.

8. PFL

One of the most unique sales tools on the market is PFL’s SwaqIQ software solution, which connects with the Salesforce Sales cloud to provide sales teams with new ways of connecting with clients and prospects. The platform uses predictive analytics and rule-based tasks to inform sales reps of the right time to send a gift to a prospect, and what the right gift might be.

9. TalkIQ

Sales reps waste too much time trying to record information and not enough time engaging prospects. That’s where TalkIQ comes into play. Among many other features, TalkIQ is able to transcribe conversations in real-time – eliminating the need to take notes and ensuring sales departments have accurate records that are easily searchable.

10. TopOPPS

According to its website, “TopOPPS is a sales pipeline and forecasting predictability solution thathelps sales teams focus on the best leads and opportunities in the pipeline so they can be moreeffective with their closing.” Using automation and intelligence, the company claims that reps can sellup to 25 percent more and shorten sales cycles by as much as 38 percent.

Looking to the Future of B2B Sales

By 2020, there will be more than 33 billion internet-connected devices around the world. This strongly implies there will be billions – even trillions – of data points for sales teams to get their hands on. That’s what’s so exciting and heartening about these new technologies.

Sales analytics and acceleration tools are giving sales teams the ability to capture information andcreate more advanced, data- driven sales strategies that meet prospects precisely where they are in
the sales cycle.

John Rampton is the founder and CEO of Due, a company helping small business owners from around the world to easily manage their accounting online.


revival of our nation's core competency, manufacturing

We are  Witnessing the revival of our nation's core competency, manufacturing! Info graphic provided by Zara Brunner and the Manufacturing Extension Partnership.


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"We are a complex eCommerce, B2B and B2C operation with ingredient based products that require lot tracking. We thoroughly researched many ERPs on the platform and decided on Ascent because of good user references, feature list, and flexibility."




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