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The Lean Enterprise



In Today's World, It's All About Lean.

How quickly, efficiently, and with cohesion can we bring a product or an idea to the marketplace? Once the product or idea has been born, the challenge becomes how to efficiently and seamlessly manage and grow the business.

When deciding on a business system you should constantly ask yourself, "Is the technology I have chosen working for my business or am I working for the system?" The answer is obvious: Always choose the solution that is flexible, sustainable, and extensible enough to match the needs of your business — not the other way around.

AscentERP was built from the start not only to support a flexible, sustainable, and extensible mentality, but also to support the warehouse and production floor. AscentERP was built from scratch to take advantage of the multi-tenant Cloud and to support the most complex and simple business process.

AscentERP did not start as something else; we were not an accounting system that was trying to become something it was not. We did not take an existing on-premise application and convert it to the Cloud. Ascent was built for the multi-tenant Cloud as a true warehouse and manufacturing product. This is a key differentiator between the competition and us.

AscentERP, with the platform, provides an environment of collaboration, creating greater enterprise responsiveness, agility, and speed. Now everyone can work from the same playbook anywhere, anytime!

You Can Accomplish This Through the Following AscentERP Features:
  • Item Master
  • Opportunities to Quotes
  • Sales Order
  • Master Planner
  • Purchase Order
  • Production Work Order
  • RMA — Return Management Authorization
  • Pick-Pack-Receive-Invoice
  • Shipping Integration
  • Partnerships with world class accounting systems

Unlike traditional in-premise software that requires large information technology investments, constant updates, and patches, AscentERP is flexible, scalable, and requires a bare-bones IT infrastructure. With the platform, AscentERP is truly the most scalable and powerful WMS/MRP solution in the Cloud today. Your decision-making will not be based on unpredictable demand, but on actionable metrics.


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